Monday, 5 November 2012

London Routemaster Bus

All of the street scenes have the famous Routemaster double decker bus, with the rear entrance.

Actually apart from the two heritage routes, there have been no Roytemasters on regual routes since the 9 December 2005.

The two heritage routes that touch on the tour.

Heritage route 15: Trafalgar Square — Strand — Aldwych — Fleet Street — Cannon Street — Monument — Tower Hill. ie the Tower of London

Heritage route 9: Olympia-Warwick Gardens - High Street Kensington - Royal Albert Hall — Hyde Park Corner — Piccadilly Circus — Trafalgar Square, ie High Street Kensignton

Unidentified scenes

I still haven't identified these scenes

Large town houses on the way to London 45:34

The drug store 59:38

The Arts and Craft house 59:38

Pretty distinctness house but I have not found it in the West Brpmpton/ Earls court area

The Edwardian Town Houses

There are plenty of similar but not exact town house in the Earls Court area, but which is the exact street I don't know

T Junction 79:43

This is a scene shot during the concert. Pretty annoying as I feel I know it, but none of the ones I think it is pan out.

30 Ibis Earls Court 57:04

The Ibis Earl's Court ; last stop on the tour.

(My shot is from the other side).

So the end of the tour. The start point West Brompton Tube is just along Lillie Rd.

Hope you enjoyed the tour around London.

29 Junction of Lille Rd with the North End Road

This scene of the junction isi taken from the Lillie Rd (in the direction of the Ibis Hotel)

On to the Ibis Earl's Court

28 North End Rd market 59:34

The market is just past Lillie Rd. It is on one side of the North End Rd and is mainly in the morning, although the stall which I think is the one in the film is open latter.

Go back to Lillie the junction of Lillie Rd and turn right to the Ibis Earl's Court.

27 Ayubi carpets 305 North End Road 45:36

Lighthouse Fish and chip shop and Ayubi carpets 305 North End Road, West Kensington
London, W14 9NS Junction of Lillie Road

This is just before the junction with Lillie Rd. The front of the carper shop is now brownish rather than white as in the film.

Carry on past the junction with Lillie Rd to the North End Rd markets

26 The Famous 3 Kings West Kensington 45:41

There are two distinctive scenes in the drive in to London, One is the Lighthouse Fish and chip shop and Ayubi carpets  segueing into the Famous 3 Leaves Pub.

The interesting thing is is that they are both on the North End Road in West Kensington, which is not the way you would go by taxi from Heathrow to the Ibis London City, but is on the road that leads to the Ibis Earls Court.

They are also in the wrong order: the Famous 3 Kings (the correct name) is at the start of the North End Road, just next to West Kensingtom Underground station and the carper job is just before the junction to Lillie Rd, where the Ibis Earl's Court is.

The Famous 3 Kings is actually pretty unmemorable. it turns out I have been and had a meal there four or five times, but I did not recognize it. They have also changed the color from purple to green.


Walk down the North End Rd, past the Underground station to the Junction of Lillie Road (0.6m)
 or take a 28 or 391 to Lillie Rd (two stops) from the bus stop in front